I’m Dreaming of a Sandy Christmas.

Its been almost 2 months since Christmas (AKA my favourite time of the year), and I’m getting post holiday blues with no major events upcoming! Last Christmas was a little different to many other Christmas’ for me, because I didn’t get to spend it in the UK with my family. **cry**


Nonetheless, Joel and I made sure to make Christmas as special as we could – we had a big decorated Christmas tree, lots of small presents for each other so we had loads to open, and I cooked a massive Christmas dinner that literally lasted us for the next four days. In an unusual twist for Christmas, we also went to the beach and drank wine out of Santa glasses, after taking a dip in the warm sea!

Christmas came and went, with many happy memories with friends – for our Christmas work party, we went out on a yacht and sang for hours to Christmas songs, and a group of us also got together to play (watch, in my case) Christmas themed cricket – which left me with a not so merry hangover on Christmas Eve.


So, although our Christmas was a little different, and we didn’t get to spend it with our families back home; Joel and I had a lovely first Christmas together in our sunny Chinese city. And having just had a lovely visit from my parents, we were perfectly stocked up with Christmas chocolate and British goodies!


– Menna

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