Graduation – One Year Later.

On the 29th July 2017, Menna and I stood proudly in our graduation gowns having just received our degrees – marking an end to our time at Swansea University.

As I write this on the 29th July 2018 – exactly one year after said event – we are leaving the city of Xiangyang, a place we have called home for ten months. It’s eery and surprising to think that graduation was one year ago to the day.

I’m certainly not suggesting that Menna and I have done anything out of the ordinary, for many newly clad graduates make the decision to teach or travel abroad. We’re certainly not pioneers, explorers, or excellent teachers. We’re simply a pair of individuals, who not only share a love for each other, but also a love for pushing our boundaries and experiencing the unusual.

The 29th July. On this date in 2017, we declared an end to our student lifestyle, excuses not to get a job, youthful innocence and youthful ignorance.

If University had brought us together, moulded our personalities and given us the opportunity to thrive both intellectually and socially, then living abroad has brought us even closer together, improved our confidence and given us the chance to embrace both new cultures and a change in pace.

We’re certainly very emotional to leave Xiangyang, for it has been a cocoon of evolution for both of us. We’ve both experienced a host of challenges and obstacles, some which we overcame easily, and others that thoroughly tested our commitment, maturity, and tenacity. It’s by no means been comfortable, but that’s exactly why we will miss it.

We can’t wait to go home, relax, and see our families. We’re even more excited to return to China in a few months and begin the next chapter in our lives.

365 days, 24 cities, 1 country.

Endless amounts of memories.







2 thoughts on “Graduation – One Year Later.”

  1. This is a really evocative and reflective post ..I really enjoyed reading it and remembering,with pride,that amazing graduation day in Swansea….the end of an era for a very emotional and proud mum and dad.We are so excited to see you both very soon and wish you a very happy and memorable traveling experience together until we see you in August.


  2. Where does the time go? One year ago today, we were so Proud that the first of our Daughters was Graduating, and what a emotional day it was, not only the first of our children to Graduate, but the first in my family… As the months have gone by, we’ve joined you in your adventures, and there have been so many, we have loved hearing all about it, and it’s not over yet.
    We constantly have to pinch ourselves that you are living in China, or at The Great Wall, or climbing Avatar Mountains, or in Tea Pickings fields and so much more. We have missed you both so much and am not relishing saying goodbye again, however saying Hello in two weeks will be amazing . Xx
    From your other set of Proud Parents. Love you both very much xx
    Mum & Dad Harley xxx


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