…the sounds, sights, colours, commuters, food, and fast paced life.

The urge to share and detail our experiences in China was a fundamental reason for setting up this blog. But if you’ve read our previous blog, ‘Last Minute Joe’, then you’ll have realised that we’re six months into our time abroad.

As such, it may seem strange as to why we’re starting now, rather than in October 2017 when we first came here.

I’m not making excuses, we were horrendously lazy in our efforts to start a blog. However, the true justification behind delaying said project was that we wished to gain a more genuine, balanced, and equitable perspective first. To say my views on China have changed since our arrival is a gross injustice. Even now, I question and debate with myself (or Menna when she’ll listen) on numerous topics and themes. Instead of listening to music on my way to work, I choose to instead spend this time absorbing in the world around me – the sounds, sights, colours, commuters, food, and fast paced life.

Six months ago, I’d have scampered for my earphones and swiped straight to the Spotify app on my phone whilst on my daily commute to work.

Six hours ago, I was craning my neck trying to talk to a local cycling behind me on a rickety and unstable bike, whilst simultaneously dodging the ongoing swathes of scooters, cars and the lone golden retriever dashing down the street.

So naturally, when I was asked by tefl.org.uk to write a short and encompassing blog about my time in China so far,Ā I swiped past the Spotify app and straight onto my emails to take them up on their offer.

Here is that very blog, I hope you enjoy it!



4 thoughts on “Dawn.”

  1. Really enjoying these personal reflections Joel…makes the distance away you are geographically so much smaller as I read your observations and your own unique take on such a fascinating and intriguing culture. Keep them coming!

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